HERITAGE MOTOR was created by Claudio Rava, and is responsible for sales and research of vintage and collectible vehicles, on behalf of companies and individuals. The vehicles offered for sale belong to our customers, who rely on the HERITAGE MOTOR skills for the sale of its vehicles on the Italian and foreign market.

Claudio Rava, who has always loved engines, he graduated in 1998 at A.Ferrari school in Maranello (MO), and for more than fifteen years in the car and motorcycle collection sector

He starts very young collaborating with HF Grifone-Toyota for the Italian Championship and the World Rally Championship and later became a consultant to some of motorsport companies.

He has been a consultant to the Cambi Auction House, the most important Italian company in the sector, taking care of the organization of an auction Memorabilia Ferrari, which saw present several important relics related to the history of the car manufacturer from Maranello..

If you have a vintage vehicle for sale or seeking a vehicle for collection, contact HERITAGE MOTOR, we will be able to better meet your needs.






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