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  • Frame Vespa 50 special reinforced with steel plates laser cut and Tig welding.
  • Digital instrumentation S.I.P.
  • Fork PX.
  • Disc brake.
  • Radial brake caliper made CNC.
  • Wheels made of aluminum alloy.
  • Suspension made by CARBONE, with gas remote reservoir made from solid aluminum.
  • Adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound adjustment.
  • Levers billet CNC, pumping Pro-Tec brake.
  • Cove side with modified opening.
  • BSG Motor Racing, billet CNC.
  • 209 cc engine capacity.
  • Power measured at 38 CV counter.
  • Carburetor Dell'Orto 39mm.
  • Exhaust system high performance craft.

CAGIVA ELEFANT 750 Lucky Explorer


  • Registered on March 1, 1994
  • It has 64.180 km
  • Revision ok until 17/5/2019
  • Perfectly restored
  • New Michelin Tires
  • The 750 engine (748cc displacement) is the gorgeous and historic V doubble cylinder at Ducati. The same as the Ducati 750SS and Monster M750.
  • Power 44kw (60cv) at 7.000 rpm
  • Weight in running order 200kg
  • Tank 22 Liters



  • The KREIDLER VAN VEEN we proposed, was built in the early 70s.
  • It belongs to a collector, who also competed in motorcycle or car for many years.
  • Dry weight of about 65 kg.
  • 2 stroke, single-cylinder liquid-cooled.
  • Six-speed gearbox.
  • Power 20 hp at 15,000 revs / minute.
  • Max speed 200 km/h.
  • This bike has raced in the World Championship in the class 50 of 1974 (in that year the drivers entered in the sample were 32, and 24 were running with a Kreidler)
  • There are documents of the time, photographs, brochures, and the "sport technical document of the bike," which is a very rare thing. Also showing that he is an original Kreidler, because there are so many replicas on the market.
  • They are supplied with the bike several parts (3-cylinder, 1 piston, 1 gearbox, 3 connecting rods, and alloy wheels equipped with front disc brakes, etc.).

Ducati 250 Mono Carter Larghi


  • Motorbike of the year 1968.
  • Motorbike derived Series race.
  • Motorbike award winning (four Italian mountain speed championship) with the pilot Giovanni Burlando - ( video made on the pilot)
  • Twin spark.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Transmission 5-speed race.
  • Carillo connecting rod.
  • Super-compressed piston.
  • Rims Borrani records.
  • Entered in the "historical record" Italian Motorcycle Federation.

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